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Your financial life simplified

Diane Money helps you achieve better financial outcomes, faster through AI.

Finally, a finance app that is all about you!

Have you ever wondered if your money is going to the right places to reach your goals? Well, now you have a holistic money app to help you reach your goals quicker!

Set your goals

First, set up your financial and life goals. After all, your money should be all about you, right?

Get guidance

Take the guess work out of where your money should go. Diane Money will analyze where your money could go to help you live a better financial life.

Achieve your goals

Diane Money will analyze where your money could go to help you achieve a better financial life.

Guidance to reach your goals faster

Choose a goal to save for:

Your money thinking smarter, not harder

Would it be a bad idea for you to receive money recommendations so that you can have a better understanding where your money could go? If not, it's time to sign up for Diane Money! Let's get your financial life in order.

App screens showing spending features on Diane Money app

Having confidence in your finances is as easy as 3 steps

Diane Money was created to help you have better outcomes for your money by doing the thinking for you.

Setup your financial 💰 goals

Start by telling us what you're working towards, whether it's a fancy vacation, new car, or mortgage on your first house–we'll help you get there faster!

Implement Diane's recommendations 💸

We'll provide quick and easy recommendations to make your life easier. All you have to do is implement Diane's suggestions!

Live a life with confidence 😎 in your finances!

The rest is up to you! Set your goals and have Diane money help navigate you to financial success.

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Get early access to Diane Money

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